We only have 6,934 things to do…every, single, day! Use my secret techniques to organize the sh*t out of YOUR life so you will be less stressed, have more time for your monsters (I mean kids) and have time to yourself. Wait…what?


Stop worrying about how you will get ALL your mom stuff done AND how you are going to iron out all the details of your business. This program will make your personal life cake and set your business up to be efficient as f*ck and uber profitable.


Organize the f*ck out of your life, business, and launch. I’ve done the dirty work for you. What this program has to offer is beyond a mom’s dream…and it’s risk free. That’s right! Have the life and launch that’s wildy successful, not stressful.



I’m Jennifer Armstrong, and I’m an Intuitive Life & Business Coach + Efficiency Expert for overwhelmed and unsupported MOMS who work at home.

I help these women free themselves from MOM GUILT and take their business to the next level.

Using my unique process to REDISCOVER themselves, SIMPLIFY their mom life, and ORGANIZE the shit out of their business, they feel divinely supported and empowered to be the badass mom AND the wildly successful business woman.

I’m an independent, driven, non-conformist, badass chick. I am a self-improvement junkie and have a sick obssesion with seeing other people succeed.

I have my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development. I’ve helped over a dozen startups transform into thriving businesses which now generate millions in revenue.

Be warned, I WILL push your limits, and I only take on entrepreneurs ready for a mental shift. I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions or push you to the next level, even if it gets tough.

I WILL empower you to overcome what life has thrown your way. Together, we will find the financial security you desire and deserve.

You will have nothing less than a wildly simple as f*ck, successful life!

I have to talk to her.

Are you ready to

REDISCOVER yourself,

SIMPLIFY your life, and

ORGANIZE the shit out of your business? 

is she legit? Yep.

Jennifer is a true inspiration for those needing confidence and drive to create self worth and success. Her energy, poise, and creativity is infectious to anyone who has worked with her. As a former co-worker of Jennifer’s, I can honestly say if you just need a little push in self motivation or a true business coach, she is a great asset to have on your team so that goals and dreams are achieved.

Danielle Fountain

My session with Jennifer was amazing! She helped me get some great clarity about a big decision in my career and get to the nitty gritty of what’s important to me and why… Her practical, cut-through approach was a perfect counter-balance to my tendency to overthink.

Amelia Motte

I came to Jenn for something that I thought I needed. After speaking with her, within the first 10 minutes, she actually was able to read between the lines of what I was telling her, and basically break it down that I was putting the cart before the horse. She actually was able to give me a simple process to get everything in order and lined up the way it should be, and now everything feels like it’s flowing. I’m super grateful for her guidance.

Gina Woodward

Jennifer has a compassion for all and she goes out of her way to communicate effectively and plainly.  She listens and responds in a way that is both encouraging and thought provoking.  She is honest and doesn’t mind asking the tough questions or challenging me.  She truly believes in helping her clients find & reach their dreams — and in cutting through the crap to figure out what that calling truly is in the first place!  Jenn’s background and real life experience are two of her strengths.  She knows how to challenge me, gives me step by step plans and the tools to help me get the work done.  Jenn is genuine and her passion for helping people is evident in every aspect of her work.

Erica Kemmer

Any goal is achievable under Jennifer’s guidance; the word “impossible” is not in her vocabulary. Her life experiences combined with her education and professional experience have molded her into someone who is patient, compassionate, and encouraging yet determined, open-minded and fearless. Jennifer has an innate ability to listen and ask the questions which will assist you in clearly identifying your goal. She then researches options, organizes a plan specifically suited to your personality, and implements the steps needed for you to attain success. Genuinely caring about people and helping them live their best life possible is Jennifer’s gift. She thrives on other people’s success. Her humorous approach to life and adventurous personality will take you to places of which you only dreamed!

Kathleen Tetrick

My make-it-happen, super, super talented friend Jennifer Armstrong!!! If you have been intrigued by the idea of a Life/Career Coach, wait NO MORE. I seriously went from having 5 Clients to having 25 all because of this Gal right here!!!”

Caroline Dupuy

Mom + BadAss Business Woman

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